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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Infor CRM is the CRM platform of choice for companies strategically focused on customer engagements. Infor CRM is designed to deliver purpose-built, cost-effective solutions for the mobile world. Read More

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Birst BI allows you to visualize and interact with your data. This innovative platform eliminates enterprise-wide siloing and connects decision makers with powerful metrics like never before.  Read More

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

InboxGuru is a powerful marketing automation tool that integrates directly into the Infor CRM platform.  Build and track marketing campaigns directly in your CRM while leveraging professional email templates. Read More

  • Healthcare "When we first were looking into a CRM package, we had a very focused vision. The Syncsite team came in and were true advisors, asking the right questions and wanting to help drive improvements in all aspects of our business. We are now able to get instantaneous access to data that would have taken hours and sometimes days to produce. This has helped us to better manage our people while creating a more efficient and scalable business model."

    Mario Garcia Jr EMSI / President & CEO
  • Financial Services
    “Before Infor CRM I felt like we were purely reactive. With Infor CRM we have the tools we need to actively manage our accounts and our opportunities,”

    Chris Davis BancorpSouth Equipment Finance / Sales Manager
  • Manufacturing
    "As a company, Jayco had outgrown its exiting ticket system for logging dealer communications. Infor CRM made it possible for us to replace the existing ticket system along with a few other in-house developed applications for providing customer support. In the end, we were able to replace three applications and tie directly into our Frontier ERP system making it possible for us to put more information in front of the customer service representatives from the moment they enter an account number or a unit serial number."

    Jeff Killion Jayco / Customer Service Supervisor
  • Manufacturing “Syncsite was able to give us excellent direction based on their experience. They were both accessible and responsive and truly worked in collaboration with us to ensure this project’s success.”

    Chris Knapp Neptune Technologies / CRM Project Coordinator
  • Distribution “Our ERP software vendor, Friedman Frontier, recommended Syncsite because of their experience integrating Infor CRM with Frontier. It was an excellent decision. Syncsite did a great job. They migrated our contact management data, completed some extensive customizations, and still had us live in 60 days.”

    Jim Moore Fypon / Vice President of Enterprise Solutions
  • Insurance “With Infor CRM we are able to see the relationships of our clients in a way we were not able to previously. Our BI application implemented by Syncsite acts as a bridge between pieces of information that might not otherwise come together.”

    Deepak Menon American Strategic Insurance / Director of Marketing
  • Travel “Syncsite has a unique ability to see the big picture, and execute on it in bite-sized projects. They work efficiently – always with an eye out for the bottom line. Infor CRM and Syncsite are helping us use technology not only to build efficiency, but to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients.”

    Roger Hale ADTRAV / President
  • Custom Manufacturing "They had successfully integrated Infor CRM with Friedman Frontier, our ERP software. When they demonstrated Infor CRM's capabilities for us, it was clear that the software could meet our needs and that Syncsite could help us get where we wanted to go."

    Eric Shonebarger Hit Promotional Products /Chief Information Officer
  • Contact Center Technology “It was about 2006 that we started. We had a great partner with Syncsite. They were instrumental. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

    Karen Dedier Noble Systems Corporation/Director of CRM Systems

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