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InboxGuru is the first 100% native marketing automation software exclusively for Infor CRM.  InboxGuru’s power comes from its ability to leverage the Infor CRM database for marketing processes such as drip and nurture marketing.  This the true power of this innovative software derives from being built directly into the CRM giving the user a dynamic and effective tool for email marketing, website visitor tracking, lead creation, form tracking, event management and more!

Advanced Marketing Automation.

Through using InboxGuru’s nurture marketing feature, marketing teams now have the ability to build logic and behavior based campaigns directly in the CRM interface.  Using this embedded technology users can now build multi-step email communications based on branching logic.


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Website Visitor Tracking

InboxGuru also includes real-time web analytics and website visitor tracking to empower sales teams with innovative lead generation capabilities.  Now sales teams will have the ability to engage with potential customers after they have shown interest in your product with this effective lead generation technology.

By using this feature, sales teams can choose to receive daily or weekly updates on website activity that includes, webpages visited, activity time, and the account the potential buyer belongs to.

Built in Email service

Using Infor CRM as an email marketing tool has never been easier.  In addition to campaign planning, the email service provider is built directly into your CRM.  Email lists are pulled directly from Infor Dynamic and Ad-Hoc groups with support for all merge fields from the database.

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