In our pursuit of being the best at what we do, we partner with the best in the business.  All of our products offer our clients more control, choice and information than ever before.  Our CRM and BI products enable our customers to better connect to their business. In addition, we offer tools, applications and processes to further enable business success.

Customer Relationship  Management

Infor CRM is the CRM platform of choice for companies strategically focused on customer engagements. Designed to deliver cost-effective, purpose-built solutions for the mobile world, Infor CRM is available in the Cloud, on-premises, and via mobile. Your customer relationships are essential to your success. Infor CRM is an award-winning CRM solution that delivers a complete view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, so they can collaborate effectively and respond promptly and knowledgeably to sales opportunities and customer inquiries – both in the office and in the field.

Business Intelligence

Tibco Analytics® has changed the way businesses analyze data by giving them the two-second advantage™ – the ability to capture the right information, at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage. Reliance on IT resources are reduced and business professionals are empowered to build reports, identify trends, and uncover hidden insights through self-service discovery from a variety of data sources ranging from structured data, unstructured data and unstructured content such as social media.

Marketing Automation

Salesfusion is the premier marketing automation platform for improving how companies attract, engage, and close new customers. One of the key benefits to using marketing automation software is having the ability to connect marketing and sales in a manner that facilitates the direct tracking of revenue inside of your CRM. Salesfusion is a pioneer in creating a direct line of sight from the marketing automation system to Opportunity Management inside of your CRM system.

Notification and Alerts

KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-wide Business Activity Monitoring application that combines business intelligence, alerts, and workflow to keep you on top of your business.

Business Process Management

TaskCentre® offers a unique state-of-the-art Business Process Management (BPM) Suite which enables organizations to automate virtually any employee-driven process. TaskCentre enables you to seamlessly integrate your ERP system with e-commerce, marketing automation and CRM.

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